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1133 Old Forbes Road
Ligonier, PA, 15658
United States


Welcome to Monroe's Coffee, a premium arabica roastery. We specialize in roasting only the top 3% of arabica beans the world




Try Our Coffee Fundraisers! What makes coffee a great fundraiser? Over 150,000,000 Americans consume it on a daily basis. In fact, coffee is the most widely consumed beverage in the U.S. next to water. In the world market, coffee is the second largest traded commodity next to oil and has an extended shelf life, when compared to almost all perishable items used in fundraisers.


School Fundraising

If you need to raise money for elementary, middle, high schools or colleges we offer the best in coffee fundraising. Proceeds go to cover the costs of sports, clubs, events and class trips. We also extend our efforts to help non-school related programs such as the Boy & Girl Scouts, youth groups and community-based initiatives. 


Nonprofit Fundraising


Church Fundraising


Why monroe's coffee?

Monroe’s Coffee is committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations. We select only the world’s finest Arabica coffee beans to be micro-roasted to perfection in small batches to ensure our customers receive the quality they deserve. Not only do we offer the finest coffee, but Monroe’s Coffee, a certified organic roaster, also supports organizations that promote social and environmental responsibility, such as the Fair Trade Agreement and The Rainforest Alliance. In doing so, we can offer a product your supporters will love, while making a conscious effort to improve our world one cup at a time.

Fill out the FREE Fundraising Kit Information Request Form or call us at 724-539-1598 for more information about how we can help you reach your goals!

Many non-profit organizations can benefit from simple and effective coffee fundraising program. We make it easy for your friends, family and colleagues to raise money for a campaigns with specific goals in mind.


If you're part of a church group that occasionally needs to raise money to pay for things like holiday events, mission trips, kid's events, equipment or upgrades, plus anything that needs funding, we can help you.


    How The Program Works

    • Monroe’s Coffee is packaged in convenient 1 lb. bags (16 oz.), which are heat sealed for optimum freshness.
    • Monroe’s Coffee will provide easy-to-use order forms, complete with flavor profiles of all coffees. The flavor profiles contain information about the coffees’ various origins, blends, and availability as either whole bean or ground.
    • By creating a partnership with Monroe’s Coffee, your organization will generate a profit of $4.00 to $5.00 per bag sold.
    • Your participants will collect funds from every household or business when each individual order is placed.
    • Your fundraiser coordinator will complete a master order form, sending it via fax or email to Monroe’s Coffee with complete payment to follow by mailing.
    • Upon receiving payment for your order, Monroe’s Coffee will fresh roast your coffee and ship it to your location within two weeks of the date of payment. The shipment will contain a detailed invoice that will help you distribute the orders to your supporters.


    Questions? Comments? Contact us at 724-539-1598 or email us.

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