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3804 US Route 30
Latrobe, PA, 15650
United States



Monroe's Guarentee


Monroe’s Coffee knows that our customers seek the freshest, most flavorful coffee. Not only do we select the world’s very best beans to undergo our exclusive roasting process, but we are committed to delivering your coffee to you while it is at its peak.

As soon as we receive an order, we will begin roasting the small batch of beans to perfection. Then, to preserve its freshness, we will appropriately package the coffee to protect it from air, light and moisture. Finally, we will quickly process the shipment so that you will be sure to receive your order when the roasted beans are at the height of their flavor.

Monroe’s Guarantee:

At Monroe’s Coffee, your satisfaction is our top priority. We’re committed to providing only the freshest, most delicious coffee, so we select only the finest beans to undergo our exclusive, small batch roasting process. All orders are packaged and shipped to ensure that our customers will receive their coffee when its flavor is at its peak.

We are always seeking customer feedback, so please feel free to contact us via e-mail, by phone, or through the link below.

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