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1133 Old Forbes Road
Ligonier, PA, 15658
United States


Welcome to Monroe's Coffee, a premium arabica roastery. We specialize in roasting only the top 3% of arabica beans the world


Our Roasting Process

Roasting with Small Batch Roast

In order to offer our customers the highest quality products, Monroe’s Coffee selects fromonly the top 1-3% of Arabica beans from the world’s very best coffee growing regions.These specialty grade beans are then roasted to perfection using Monroe’s precise techniques that unlock the flavors in the coffee.
Our rich, heavenly roasts exemplify how Monroe’s has mastered this art. This process caramelizes the sugars and carbohydrates in the beans, and creates an oil-like substance called caffeol. It is the caffeol that gives the coffee its color, flavor and aroma. The longer the coffee is roasted, thedarker and oilier its appearance becomes. The entire roasting process requires incredible precision,control and vigilance to guarantee that each batch is impeccable. In fact, the coffee’s color, taste
and texture are directly connected to the length of roasting. Although each of Monroe’s coffees has
a unique roast profile, the vast majority of our coffee can be classified as having a light, medium or dark roast.
Additionally, the geographic location of a coffee farm also contributes to the taste of the beans. And during the roast, their unique characteristics will emerge to create the most enticing aromas and delicious flavors.

Certified Organic Coffee

Certified Organic” does not just refer to products that are grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. This distinction means that the production methods of these crops uphold the industry standards and laws that designate them as “Certified Organic.”
However, organic plantations do use fertilizer comprised of mulch from the coffee cherries, compost and residues from other crops (such as banana, sugar cane and cocoa) to produce a nutrient-filled topsoil that contributes to a richer, fuller flavor in the coffee. Organic farmers also have found excellent alternatives to harmful pesticides. They will make use of traps, attract species (like birds) to feed upon the insects and will even meticulously remove the unwanted pests by hand.
These practices are not only gentle towards our delicate ecosystem, but they also help to
create a healthier, better quality end product.
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Socially Responsible Practices:
Monroe’s Coffee cares about delivering our customers the very best specialty coffees, but we also care about the way in which our products are produced.

Certified Organic Coffee and Fair Trade Coffee at Monroe's Coffee

One of the fundamental principles of Fair Trade is that farmers can receive a fair price in exchange for their crops (including
coffee), which helps them to both support their families and educate their children. Additionally, Fair Trade encourages farmers to cultivate their crops using environmentally sustainable farming methods to help preserve our ecosystems. As a result, Fair Trade is the healthy choice for farmers, consumers and the environment.
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Rainforest Alliance:
The Rainforest Alliance’s mission is to safeguard people, wildlife and our ecosystems through improvements in land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior. When companies, co-operatives and landowners meet these standards, it is possible to conserve biodiversity and protect agricultural livelihoods.
Sustainable agriculture is one of the Rainforest Alliance’s most important missions, and the collaboration between farmers and conservationists is one of its primary means of finding ways to protect our environment.
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