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Welcome to Monroe's Coffee, a premium arabica roastery. We specialize in roasting only the top 3% of arabica beans the world


Organic Peruvian el Cautivo

1lb peru org.png
1lb peru org.png

Organic Peruvian el Cautivo


Offering nutty and chocolate-like notes, this Peruvian coffee has delicate acidity and a sweet, rounded cup. Its alluring aroma compliments a fairly mild, light-bodied composition with an intense brightness and a buttery flavor.

Peru Cautivo is grown on a cooperative in the Amazon Basin of the Andes. To create a better coffee crop, the farmers use environmentally sound practices to enhance the region's biodiversity. The coffee is harvested from April to January, then wet processed and sun dried.

Representing a substantial portion of the organic coffee sector, Peru's excellent reputation as a coffee producer has helped farmers to secure better prices for their high quality products. The Cautivo cooperative has used its earnings from Fair Trade to find innovative ways to improve its own coffee production. For instance, these farmers have developed the Occupational Learning Center for Sustainable Agriculture, which is a technical school where coffee growers can learn environmentally-conscious farming techniques.

The country's overall success in the coffee market has allowed them to pursue sustainable agriculture like shade trees, improve infrastructure, promote education and offer medical care to farmers.

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