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1133 Old Forbes Road
Ligonier, PA, 15658
United States


Welcome to Monroe's Coffee, a premium arabica roastery. We specialize in roasting only the top 3% of arabica beans the world


Organic Mexican Oaxaca

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mexican org.png

Organic Mexican Oaxaca


With succulent fruit tones and spicy cocoa accents, our certified Organic Mexican Oaxaca has a rich, elegant body and an uplifting finish with cinnamon notes.

Hailing from southeastern Mexico (one of the country's traditional growing regions), Mexican Oaxacas' unique flavor is influenced by the rugged terrain along the Sierra Mountains. Several factors, including environmentally-friendly processing techniques are key to the beans' particular flavor. This coffee is shade grown, allowing for a slower maturation which results in a overall sweeter taste. Additionally, a balanced acidity results from farmers processing the beans in their wet mills.

Zapotee coffee farmers from the mountainous Oaxaca region of Mexico were responsible for the formation of la Trinidad, a group that united with the goal of selling coffee directly to the international market in an attempt to govern the commercialization of their product. La Trinidad also works to obtain better prices for farmers and is Fair Trade Certified. Ultimately, the group is working to develop a transparent organization and improve the standard of living for its members through education, health awareness and loyalty to techniques that preserve the environment.

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