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Welcome to Monroe's Coffee, a premium arabica roastery. We specialize in roasting only the top 3% of arabica beans the world


Organic Colombian de Sierra Nevada (5lb.)

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colombian 5lb org.png

Organic Colombian de Sierra Nevada (5lb.)

56.06 74.75

Transitioning from slightly sweet to mellow and full-bodied, this estate coffee's nutty flavors crescendo to a wonderfully light finish that is simply delicious.

The scenic northeastern Andes of Colombia are home to the Sierra Nevada, a coffee estate that sits at an elevation of 5,100 feet atop a plateau in the Nevada region near Chicamocha Canyon. Legend says that here priests have sinners repent for their transgressions by cultivating the land, and the resulting coffee was so delicious that it could be served at the table of the saints. The region's ideal combination of rain, sunlight and cool nights allows the crop to flourish. This certified organic coffee is shade-grown, Rainforest Alliance Certified and bird friendly.

Sierra Nevada has received much recognition across Colombia for its environmentally friendly initiatives and sustainable farming practices. In fact, the estate has eliminated the use of chemicals in its coffee production and uses natural insecticides (such as lemon balm) and fertilizers. Sierra Nevada also participates in a program that protects native and migratory birds, which effectively control plague and insects. As a result of these efforts, impressive biodiversity has resulted in the area.

Additionally, the estate cares both for the earth and its employees. Wages are not only 65% higher than the Colombian minimum salary, but the estates' farmers are also offered an assortment of health care benefits and an education allowance for their children.

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